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Allemed is a brand created to provide certified quality.
In our online store you will find not only dermal fillers but also uniforms and cosmetic furniture for your clinic.


We are a valued distributor of LUMIFIL® hyaluronic fillers known all over the world. We here to advise you on the selection of products, explain the method of treatments and complete the order. We have been working in the beauty industry on the British and Polish market since 2013. During this time, we got to know many products that we use in our daily work. And yes we have just discovered the LUMIFIL® brand, which from the very beginning impressed us with its possibilities, quality and competitive price. We could not believe that this valued product is not available in Europe and that is why it has become our mission to change it. We want to provide LUMIFIL® to every professionals who care about patented technology at an excellent price.


  • High Viscoelasticity – Offering long-lasting volume
  • Low Phase Angle – LUMIFIL stays closer to the injection site for longer.
  • Patented Particle Technology – LUMIFIL has achieved uniform particle size, creating easier injections and moulding and enhancing the effects of the treatment.
  • High Quality & Density – LUMIFIL offers one of the most dense HA fillers on the market achieving a huge 2,500,000 da particle weight, meaning
    added volume for longer.

ZERO BDDE & 3D Linking

3D Cross Linked Hyaluronic
Acid Dermal Filler

LUMIFIL and LUMIFIL with Lidocaine use non-animal based hyaluronic acid having a molecular weight of 2,500,000 Da as the ingredient..

Optimum viscosity and elasticity are achieved simultaneously by applying LUMIFIL and LUMIFIL with Lidocaine unique technology which is capable of making 3D structure using a small amount of cross-linking agent.

Hyaluronic Acid before
Cross Linking

Primary Natura!
Cross Linking

Secondary Optimized
Cross Linking wrth BDDE


LUMIFIL has received official approval of its effectiveness in anti-wrinkles treatment and safety, through comparative clinical trials conducted by major university hospitals in Korea under the approval of the medical device clinical trial from the Ministry of Food and Drug Safety.

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